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Do you have what it takes to be a celebrity nanny?

What attracts potential nannies to work for celebrity households? Is it the massive bonuses? Or the even larger salaries? From changing diapers, to warming baby bottles, to putting on band aids and pushing swings, the role of the nanny stays the same whether they are...

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Things I Wish You Knew, From Your Nanny

As your nanny for many years, we’ve grown pretty close. Considering how many times this week I’ve caught you sprinting down to the laundry room in nothing but your panties, maybe even a little too close. That being said, no matter how many of your newborns I swaddle,...

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Why do nannies quit?

From HomeWork Solutions Inc, 4nannytaxes.com We cannot seem to keep a nanny more than six months before they leave for another job. What can we do to get more stability? Why do some families seem to have one nanny after another, and another family might have the same...

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4 Tips On Giving Your Children A Happy Childhood!

by Laura Pfaff I often pause to notice now grown up my daughters are quickly getting. While only 11 and 7 years old, I tell them to stop growing up so fast and then kiddingly try to convince them to stay 11 and 7 forever. Eyes are rolled and heads are shaken as they...

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Gross vs Net Pay: Do You Know the Difference

HomePay by Breedlove This time of the year is extremely busy for families as many are hiring nannies before school begins again. Of course that also means it’s a very exciting time for many of you that are hopefully receiving job offers. But before you begin working...

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