Nanny Success Stories

“Nanny Connections made my search for a nanny position easy!”

They made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and I knew I could trust them to match me up with a family that I would mesh well with. Within a few days of meeting they had connected me with a wonderful family, and within a week, I was offered the position! In the future I will definitely recommend Nanny Connections to both nannies and families searching for a nanny.

Nanny Andrea

“Working with Nanny Connections was truly an asset…”

I have a Nanny job that I absolutely love and I can’t thank Nanny Connections enough for finding me such a wonderful family. From the minute I met them, I felt so comfortable and in good hands. They asked so many detailed questions about the kind of job I was looking for and by the end of that day they had an interview set up for me with a family they thought would be perfect. They were right! The family offered me the job and things have been great ever since. Working with Nanny Connections was truly an asset when it came to negotiating the employment terms, something I had little experience with. They were also there for me with prompt and great advice when some questions came up after I was hired. Everyone is 100% professional but at the same make you feel like you’re a valued friend. I have already recommended Nanny Connections to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you for helping me be so happy in my new job!

Nanny Stacy

“I couldn’t have done it without Nanny Connections!”

When I tell people that I absolutely love my Nanny job, they often ask how I managed to find a profession that is wonderfully rewarding and challenging, while at the same time fun. My answer is always the same: I tell them that I couldn’t have done it without Nanny Connections! When I first contacted Tiffanie at Nanny Connections, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a career that changed my life! I have been blessed with each of the placements that they have guided. Knowing that I am instrumental in the lives of children as they learn and grow has been one of the best experiences of my life. I commend parents who recognize the importance of utilizing the “whole village” to raise a child! Being part of that “village” is truly a wonderful place to be! Thanks for making a difference! Knowing that you truly care about the outcome of each placement makes Nanny Connections a “win-win” solution for everyone!

Nanny Chris

“They work well with both families and nannies which results in a mutually reinforcing circle of quality…”

Before beginning to work with Nanny Connections, I researched about all of the nanny agencies in both the Milwaukee and Madison areas. Initially, it was the openness of the website that drew my attention with all the listings of specific duties, locations, ages of children, salaries, and benefits. When I began interacting with the owner of the agency, Tiffanie, it was clear that her people skills were equally strong. She listened to what I wanted in a position which is possibly different from what other nannies find important. Twice she has matched me with great families. I have seen her handle difficult situations by being forthright yet diplomatic.

It appears to me that they work well with both families and nannies which results in a mutually reinforcing circle of quality. They support nannies to get pleasant placements with fair salary and benefits which results in her getting more highly skilled nannies which in turn draws top families coming through the agency.

I am a semi-retired professional with an advanced degree. After working with children for more than 10 years, I wanted to continue to contribute to their welfare while supplementing my budget needs. Working through Nanny Connections I have a position which is geographically suitable, the hours that I requested, salary and benefits commensurate with my background and a family that has a true interest in the welfare of their children and who want to work cooperatively with the nanny to maximize their time with them. And, my days are fun!! Thank you Nanny Connections!!

Nanny Sharon B

“Thanks Tiffanie, I love my job!!!”

When I was looking for a job and saw the Nanny Connections website I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had an interview and met Tiffanie. She was awesome! She was there to answer my questions and explain everything to me. I have recently emailed Tiffanie to ask her to help me find play dates with other nannies through Nanny Connections and again Tiffanie was there. She sent me out email addresses and now we meet every week with at least 2 other nannies and their children. I would tell anyone to have Tiffanie help you because she was awesome. Thanks Tiffanie, I love my job!!!

Nanny Shonda

I really enjoyed working with Nanny Connections. Their positive attitude, overall knowledge and commitment to the industry was very impressive. As a nanny, I’ve put a lot of time into helping children and it’s great to see someone caring for children in a way that benefits both families and nannies.

Nanny Pamela

I am a Nanny for eleven month old twins (boy/girl). The people that I was a Nanny for previously moved out of state and I was looking for more of a challenge. After talking with them they told me about this family. I interviewed and knew I wanted this position with this family. They hired me and I have been their Nanny for six months. The challenge is definitely there with twins and each day is different. It is so much fun and a real joy to watch them grow and learn. I thank Nanny Connections for finding me this family.

Nanny Barb

I found the Nanny Connections staff to be empathetic and supportive. This is valuable to both the family and the nanny. They also are very careful in matching the right nanny to the appropriate family and position.

Nanny Nancy

Tiffanie has a style that is professional and capable, while at the same time being delightfully down-to-earth and easy to work with. She really understood how important it was to me that there was a feeling of “rightness” between the needs of the family and my needs, and was very patient in allowing me all the time I needed to find the fit that felt right. The parents of the family I work with are extremely respectful, supportive and a pleasure to work for. I have come to love the three children I care for, enjoying them every day I am with them. My experience with Tiffanie at Nanny Connections has been nothing but positive. She is providing a top notch service for families, children and nannies alike.

Nanny Lizzie

I have been a nanny through Nanny Connections since October of 2006 and I want to thank you for your services. Nanny Connections has literally put me through college and made me a part of the Madison community. I often suggest your website to friends and families.

Nanny Jennifer

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!”

I first contacted Nanny Connections in 2011. I had been a nanny while I was a college student, pursuing a degree in education. I loved being nanny and, after spending a few years in the teaching profession, I decided that I wanted to have a more personal connection with children again. I wanted to be a nanny again! While it took a few months for them to find the right match for me, the wait was worth it. I have been with my nanny family for several months now, and I couldn’t be happier. I still get to teach on a daily basis–math, reading, life skills, you name it! –but I also get to play with the girls and really get to know them and their family in a way that I just couldn’t in the classroom. It’s wonderful being part of the family “team,” so to speak. I look forward to spending the next several months if not years with them. Thanks so much Nanny Connections – I wouldn’t have these great relationships without your amazing agency!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! I love the girls I nanny for so much and I come home happy almost every day. For this, my husband thanks you, too!

Nanny Kate

“They know their families and they know their nannies.”

I’ve been a professional nanny for the last 20 years. I have found all of my (5) Madison families through Nanny Connections. They have never sent me on an interview with a family that I didn’t want to work with. They know their families and they know their nannies. They have a great sense of who would be a good match for each other. The last time I was looking for a new family to work with, I knew the owner, Tiffanie, was due to have her second child. I have relied so much on her in the past to lead me through this process that I was worried that because of timing, that I might have a hard time finding a good job because Tiffanie would be (understandably!) unavailable and I would have to deal with a person at Nanny Connections that didn’t know me and my experience with the agency. Tiffanie actually personally returned my call from the car on her way home from the hospital after having her daughter! She had me on an interview that week and I had an offer the next week. Instead of feeling like I was taking up her precious time, she made me feel like a long-time friend who she cared for and wanted to take care of personally. Even though I think Tiffanie gives me preferential treatment, I have a feeling that’s how all of her families and nannies feel.

Nanny Julie

“They were with me every step of the way, letting me know every new detail and talking me through everything.”

This is my second placement with Nanny Connections. They found me the perfect family 2 years ago, and sadly they had to move out of state. I was nervous about finding a new family to work for, but they found me another perfect match, she was equally excited as I was when they found a family that was a perfect fit. They are true professionals and have excellent insight into both the needs of the nanny and the family. They were with me every step of the way, letting me know every new detail and talking me through everything. The resources that Nanny Connections provide are outstanding, whether it be looking for activities or answering questions about insurance, it is all there for you to take advantage of. Nanny Connections is a personal yet professional way to place nannies looking for employment, I recommend them to anyone looking for employment in this field. Thank you all for your amazing matching skills, and always being there for encouragement, you have connected me with these amazing families for a lifetime!

Nanny Kali

“They take pride in their company and follow through on everything they put out there for both families and nannies.”

Nanny Connections placed me with a wonderful family who had a 1.5 year old. We became a close knit family and I was their nanny for 3 years. When the family asked me to move to Amsterdam with them for four months they helped me prepare for possible things to come while overseas, and were a wonderful support system for me along with my family. It was one of the best times of my life, and I would do it again if I had to. This family and I still remain close, and consider each other as family.

Nanny Connections has since given me opportunities to work part time with other families since I have returned to the states. They take pride in their company and follow through on everything they put out there for both families and nannies. I would recommend if you are looking to get into the business of Child Care and want to work with families go through Nanny Connections and you won’t be disappointed!

Nanny Dawn

“Nanny Connections was about making the best fit and providing both the nanny and the family with what they needed.”

As a nanny applicant, I was quite impressed with the efficiency and speed at which I was placed with a family. They were very prompt at returning my initial calls and setting up an appointment to meet with me.  They provided information about families that matched what I needed and answered all of my questions, from general nanny issues to more specific insurance issues. All through the process of family interviewing, they were very responsive to any emails or phone calls I left. I also noticed when interviewing with the family that they had also prepared them for interviewing potential nannies as well. I got a strong impression that Nanny Connections was about making the best fit and providing both the nanny and the family with what they needed. I would highly recommend Nanny Connections to anyone I knew who was looking into becoming a nanny. They are very wonderful, kind, and professional all rolled into one!

Nanny Addi

I just wanted to write and thank you once again for the help and the promptness on your part in helping me find a position. I feel so great about the family that I am working for. I cannot express enough how happy I am about the family. They are very professional, yet very caring and understanding people. You have done such a great job!!! Thank you also for giving me the information on health insurance too!

Nanny Stephanie

I took the first Nanny Knowledge course offered by Nanny Connections in December 2005. It was great getting to meet other nannies and be able to talk with them about our different experiences. The class went over a lot of things I already knew and things I didn’t know. It really brought everything together well and was a great refresher. We received a very organized binder with all sorts of information that we went through in the class, three books on childcare, and information on how to make a nanny portfolio. I went home from the class very excited and full of new ideas to try with the children I nanny for! Overall I really enjoyed the class and would recommend it to any nanny, new to the field or experienced!

Manny Kate

I had been employed in the educational field before, but many people still didn’t quite know how to regard male preschool teachers, early childhood program directors, or nannies. In an overwhelmingly female dominated profession, I worked even harder to show those who depended on me that I was not only dependable and trustworthy, but educated and motivated to help their children. After a few experiences in more institutional settings, I applied to Nanny Connections and was placed in a more independent job nannying two elementary aged girls. The screening process was thorough and I’m sure very comforting to the parents. During the interview, the family and I immediately connected and they hired me on the spot. We spend 3-4 days a week playing, riding scooters, inventing science projects, and cooking together. I had a great experience in the time I was with my family and although I had to move for law school, the whole family and I still keep in touch.

I’d really recommend Nanny Connections for both parents and nannies. They are safe, organized, and efficient, sparing the time and money of both sides of the equation. As a male, I knew that there could be a lot of different experiences in the education and family services fields, but Nanny Connections, and my placement family, exceeded my expectations.

Manny Dustin


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